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“ The Alfa 4C that’s just been launched has a carbon tub that is barely 3kg lighter than our 17-year old Elise tub ”

—    Jean-Marc Gales

How can you avoid to read it?

“ Having been fortunate to own (and still own) a number of
supercars, I think Jethro Bovingdon missed some key points
in his review of the Ferrari 458 Speciale (evo 198).
I was 90 per cent sure I would order one, but after a test
drive that just pointed out its weaknesses on the road, I
passed. This decision was vindicated on a recent Ferrari
Owners’ Club trackday at Brands Hatch, where the Speciales
failed the 105dB static noise test and were not allowed out.
However great it might be on the track (I have only driven it
on the road), it is in my book a massive failure.
For everyday use it is heavily compromised: it is noisy, has
lost half of its storage space in the front and 90 per cent of it
inside the cabin. So you have a car with all the downsides that
a track car has on the road, and you cannot use it on most UK
tracks - brilliant. Compare that with, say, the McLaren 650S:
the most comfortable car you can imagine on the road and
perfectly useable on the track with the P Zero Corsa tyres. ”

—    Alexander West - Evo 199

“ The car is called the 500X is because it is 500 times more horrible than the original 500. ”

—    Sniffpetrol

Miss to be there

This is gold

Still pushing like new #petrolrulez #bmw

“ While I have always suspected the majority of Ferraris and Lamborghinis are bought first to be seen in and then to be driven, I have equally little doubt the reverse is true of the McLaren. ”

—    Andrew Frankel

Spacers anyone? #jeep #readtherules #enjoyyournextwalk

#Fiat & #FCA

“ Above all else, I hate not winning ”

—    Ron Dennis

“ There’s no contest there, Michelin is a real racing tire, Pirelli was for show business in Formula one. These are real racing tires so it’s a tire which all the drivers can enjoy, which was backed up when Andre Lotterer raced [for Caterham] in Spa and he was very surprised at how the grip level was very very low on Pirelli and the Michelin tire gives a lot of grip for a long time. ”

—    Mark Webber

Making Of Curves Österreich