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My Memories


Buona Pasqua!

by ueffe01

“ Le corse e la F.1 le gusta e le capisce davvero solo chi non dà niente per scontato. ”

—    Alberto Sabbatini

Più che un sasso un meteorite!

“ I don’t think any driver is bigger than the team, no matter what they do ”

—    Ron Dennis




A little gem… all alone. #evo #petrolrulez

“ For just a few grand more an Audi S3 Saloon will seemingly do all that the WRX STI does with a badge more acceptable to the Waitrose car park than bonnet vents and a wing. But if you were worried about that you’d not be considering a Subaru in the first place. ”

—    Dan Trent

“ For now, if I was about to buy one car to use all year, I think it would be an Audi S3. Never thought I’d say that. ”

—    Chris Harris


5 again

“ Driving a supercar like the CCX on public roads with speed limits could be compared to dating a supermodel but only being allowed to hold hands ”

—    Ben Abrams


Watch train slam into SUV.