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In 2001 my heirs were playing with am Ericsson R380s Many years before smartphone hype just for Whatsapp messages

GT-R forever

The world’s fastest car almost didn’t have an engine

Murray’s Plan A was for the F1 to have a Honda engine. It was entirely logical: McLaren F1 cars raced with Honda engines, and discussions got quite advanced, with Murray travelling twice to Japan. The plans were for either a 4.5-litre V10 or V12, but then all that changed. ‘Suddenly someone in Honda marketing decided that with the next crop of Hondas coming out – I think a 3.0-litre V6 was going to be their biggest engine –this was going to be a step too far from a marketing point of view,’ says Murray. It got to the stage where the F1 was designed with a space for the engine, no-one knowing quite what would fill it. Then, in 1990, Murray walked past the BMW garage after the Hockenheim Formula 1 race, where he spotted engine genius Paul Rosche having an after-hours beer. ‘He was a mate from my days at Brabham,’ remembers Murray. ‘He said “I’ll do you an engine”!’ Less than two years later, the McLaren F1 had a bespoke BMW V12.

Daniel Ricciardo’s First Formula One Win - Canadian Grand Prix 2014


“ Il mago Otelma delle 4 ruote, che non fa una macchina, mentre gli imprenditori si misurano dai loro prodotti. ”

—    Diego Della Valle

You can’t do that in Abu Dhabi #f1 (presso Autodromo Nazionale Monza)

Britney bitch (presso Autodromo Nazionale Monza)

#f1 (presso Autodromo Nazionale Monza)

Difficult to get young fans without noise. But it’s entertaining anyway #f1 (presso Autodromo Monza)

Tonight I feel #VAG

“ My worry — and I mentioned this too — is that BMW, like every other company in the world, has a limited pool of talent. And if the brightest and the best have been drafted into the hybrid projects, we have to assume it’s the B-team that is charged with developing the car you see photographed on this page — the new M4. So does that mean it’s not as good as it could have been? ”

—    Jeremy Clarkson

Porsche secret prototype warehouse


This BMW i8 sold at Gooding Auction for $825,000


“ Not putting miles on your Ferrari is like not having sex with your girlfriend, so she’ll be more desirable to her next boyfriend ”

—    Jim Glickenhaus

Why should I come back home to do some PIL? #instaplace #instaplaceapp #place #earth #world #italia #italy #IT #ayas #day